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Our expert team ensures your digital media investments are successful. Experience the difference of working with the industry-leading technology reseller.

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Ventura is integrated directly into The Trade Desk. With us, you launch quickly and seamlessly.

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Grow your team. Our experts are an extension of your team in both passion and purpose.

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Realize improved campaign performance, with actionable insights that make every dollar work smarter.

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Your business objectives are most important, we build media initiatives based on your needs, delivering results that matter.

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    Proven Processes.
    Sustainable Growth.

    Position your team for success, by leveraging our unique processes that result in exponential growth for your clients. Our team of industry experts will act as your personalized guides through the activation, management and reporting of your digital media programs on The Trade Desk.


    We provide your team with login access and a company specific trading seat DIRECTLY on The Trade Desk. We train your team to ensure you have a deep understanding of each campaign set up.


    In collaboration with your media buying team, we will develop strategic recommendations built to support your business objectives. These strategies will be aligned with your KPI's and determine the proper channels and activations to achieve your goals.


    Whether setting up campaigns, troubleshooting or seeking optimization advice, we are here to help. We ensure you are leveraging all of The Trade Desk's capabilities so that all of your campaigns are performing at an optimal level.


    We help you tell your story through actionable insights that are meaningful to your audience. We provide performance guidance that has a positive impact on your optimization decisions and evolve your digital marketing strategies over time.

    Who We Serve

    We’re marketers just like you and understand the challenges you face. The Ventura team has worked extensively with brand marketers and agencies, helping them build successful digital media programs from the ground up.

    Who We Serve

    We’re marketers just like you and understand the challenges you face. The Ventura team has worked extensively with brand marketers and agencies helping them build successful digital media programs from the ground up.

    Brand Marketers

    Looking to expand your team without adding overhead? Need help navigating the digital media landscape? We are here to help. From onboarding and education to management and reporting our team will ensure that your brand gets the exposure it deserves.



    Need to increase your speed to market? Want help with strategy development and reporting? Our team of certified specialists will bring your creative ideas to life. We will get you in front of the right audience, at the right time and right place – resulting in optimal outcomes.

    Connect with your Audience Anywhere

    Create an engaging experience for your target audience by sharing the journey with them as they navigate the digital landscape. When your client moves from one screen to the next, we have you covered.



    Connected TV (CTV) is content streamed through apps on smart devices. It can reach large audiences that have cut the cord — or never had one. You can also unify your ad buys across linear and streaming with advanced measurement and more control over who sees what and how frequently.



    With video advertising, show your message before, during, and after video content playing on premium websites. Alternatively, you can embed videos within online articles and through banner ads. Video advertising is a powerful storytelling format that can be utilized across devices with massive scale.



    With the growth of podcasts, streaming music and online radio stations, audio advertising is a powerful way to expand reach and awareness for your brand. Integrate your brand’s message into your audiences’ everyday lives in a distraction-free environment.



    Keeping your brand top of mind with both current and potential customers is critical to your campaign’s success. As your audience navigates the grand expanse of the internet, deliver your marketing message with static or animated display advertising in the right place at the right time to get the right results.



    With smartphone adoption and mobile usage at all-time highs, companies have devoted larger budgets to mobile advertising. That growth is expected to continue, which is why you need to promote your brands to consumers on the move as they use their smartphones and tablets.



    Native advertising matches the look and feel of your ads to a publisher’s website content. Ad formats can appear within editorial content, newsfeeds, or during a publisher’s video. This creates a non-disruptive advertising experience for your audience.



    As people continue to spend more time outside of their home’s, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is an effective way to get your brand in front of consumers as they navigate the physical world. Utilize DOOH to advertise in a variety of busy locations through digital billboards and screens.

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