Cross-Device Targeting and Attribution: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

March 22, 2023by Michael Bellitte

When marketers talk about using Cross Device, it’s important to understand that there are two main Cross Device solutions.The first is Cross Device Targeting and the second is Cross Device Attribution. So what exactly are these solutions and why are they important? Let’s dig into it!

Scaling your target audience is important for any campaign, but there are only so many opportunities to reach a user on a single device. How can you be sure to reach people across their entire journey? Enter Cross Device Targeting! This solution empowers you to extend your brand message across all of a user’s devices. The result is an Audience Extension effect that increases the size of your audience by an average of 2.5x. Additionally, Cross Device Targeting enables marketers to control frequency caps at the user level. This means that when somebody goes from their work desktop, to their personal computer, to their mobile device, an overall frequency cap is still honored which will reduce media waste and prevent ad fatigue.

Cross Device Attribution is the other solution that works hand in hand with Cross Device targeting. As the name implies, Cross Device Attribution enables marketers to attribute credit to conversions that occurred across multiple devices. For instance, if someone views your brand’s ad on their work laptop and then later purchases an item via their personal mobile phone, Cross Device Attribution will assign your campaign credit for a view-through conversion. Had Cross Device Attribution not been enabled, that conversion would not have been recognized.

Enabling both Cross-Device Targeting and Attribution are essential parts of the modern marketer’s ideal campaign setup. If you’re interested in implementing these solutions contact Ventura Growth today!