Here’s Why Ventura Growth Thinks Beyond Basic Employee Benefits

September 26, 2023by Emma Bindbeutel

Most people know that happy, healthy employees are key to a thriving company. Unfortunately, many companies believe employees only need the basic health benefits like a 401K and paid vacation.  At Ventura Growth, we strive to provide our team with more than these basic health benefits. Instead, we are fully committed to finding new ways of investing in our team’s well-being because we want to maintain a positive and productive work environment! How do we do this?

The answer is simple: we continuously recognize the value of each team member’s contribution by offering them benefits and perks that support their overall long-term wellness. Here’s a glimpse into the Core Benefits and Perks that we offer team members (and they’re only going to keep advancing as we grow):


Our Core Benefits – Here’s How We Provide For Our Team

Every employee deserves a foundation of Core Benefits that will support them in their everyday life. And they should always feel empowered to use them. For instance, we actively encourage our team to take time off, whether it’s for a vacation or to ensure they don’t miss their kids soccer game. We create a trusted space where they feel confident that their work will be taken care of by the team because we want everyone to enjoy a healthy work/life balance. Here are the Core Benefits offered to our team:


🌴 Self-Managed PTO

Paid time off that actually gets taken! We encourage our team to use at least three weeks a year. We don’t want to be a company where PTO is not being used and work with our team to make sure they are taking the time needed when needed. 

🏠 US Remote Friendly

At Ventura Growth, we trust our team to do great work from anywhere. While our HQ is based in Denver, CO, we also have team members working from all areas of the US. We know the workspace has changed, and support our team to be flexible based on their home location. 

⛑️ Fully Paid Health, Vision, and Dental Plans 

Great health is more important than ever, and we choose benefit plans to work for all our team members across the US. We provide four health benefit options and a 24/7 chat service whenever needed for benefits support. 

📆 Twelve Paid Company Holidays

We love to celebrate almost anything and want to make sure our team can enjoy most holidays. 

🍼 Parental Leave

If you welcome your child’s birth, adoption, or fostering, we want to help all parents have a meaningful time to bond with their new family member.


Our Perks – Here’s How We Support Our Team

Beyond the expected Core Benefits, we want to offer perks that excite our team. For instance, many of our colleagues are passionate about being active while others love to travel. Everyone has diverse interests and we want to support them with our perks. Here are the Perks offered to our team:


💪 Health and Wellness Stipend

We believe in physical fitness as much as mental fitness. This is why we give each member of the Ventura Growth family many health and wellness options to choose from when utilizing this stipend. For instance, it can cover gym memberships, ski passes, as well as monthly mental health app subscriptions.

🌟 Work From Anywhere Stipend

Every member of our team has different working expenses, and there is no one-size-fits-all perk for our team members that work from the HQ or work from home. We want to support the perfect working environment and provide a monthly stipend to each individual that covers expenses such as their home internet, updating their desk or even parking downtown to come to the office. The perk is up to the individual and how they use it!

🍎 Education Stipend

Building a startup challenges you to level up your skill set. This stipend supports each team member in furthering their professional growth. We encourage everyone to find learning opportunities that add value to their role at the company or help them learn new skills. 

🏔️ Company Summits

There is no better way to create collaboration, brainstorm new strategies, and have fun together than a company summit. We bring our entire team together twice yearly and always mix up the location. For instance, this past July, we traveled to the beautiful Breckinridge, CO, where we planned for our future, participated in some fun outdoor activities, and cooked family meals together. You can learn more about this amazing Summer Summit here.

🌟 Anniversary Experience Gifts

Each startup milestone is important as you grow a company. We want to celebrate every team member’s effort and achievement with each anniversary they achieve. Gifts are specialized towards their interests and favorite things to do. Our special experience gifts help create time and memories for everyone to celebrate their accomplishments. 


As a recap, we pride ourselves in the fact that we constantly evaluate the Core Benefits and Perks that are offered to each team member because we want to ensure all needs are met as we progress in our growth. We view these benefits as investments in our team conducive to helping them reach their goals and become their best selves.

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