Learn How Conversion Touches Transform High-Funnel Tactics

September 14, 2023by David Wroten

As marketers, we frequently face the long road of navigating how to best demonstrate the impact of our marketing strategies. This can be easy enough for tactics with high last-touch conversion attribution potential, such as Display, Native, and Search. Whereas, it can be more difficult to quantify for higher funnel tactics, such as Audio and Video, which occupy a higher position in the conversion funnel. While we often recognize how these upper-funnel tactics contribute to our brand’s ultimate business goals, illustrating their value isn’t always straightforward.

That leaves us with one pressing question…..Is there a solution to help us as marketers overcome this measurement obstacle? There most certainly is a solution and it’s called Conversion Tactics.

The Trade Desk offers Ventura Growth’s clients access to Conversion Touches, a metric that shows how many times a given campaign, ad group, or creative touched a conversion action that took place. Conversion Touches are an excellent way to ensure your high funnel campaigns are actually connecting with audience members who eventually convert.

Not only is this functionality easily accessible through the My Reports section within The Trade Desk, but as a partner of Ventura Growth, you’ll also have access to a dedicated team of Trade Desk experts that will help you implement Conversion Touches within The Trade Desk platform. You’ll also be supported step-by-step to ensure you become an expert on understanding and sharing these invaluable insights with your clients.

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