The Power of Native Advertising

July 6, 2022by Samantha Yee

When thinking about your client’s advertising goals, researching and deciding on the right messaging is super important. Read on for more information on how and when to utilize native advertising as part of your client’s marketing strategy.

Native advertising was first introduced as a term in 2011 by Fred Wilson, at the Online Media, Marketing and Advertising Conference.  “His goal was to use the term to explain monetization models where the ads are ‘consistent with the fabric of the product’”. Since then, many companies have jumped on the native boat and created and trademarked native formats that work within the majority of DSPs, either via open exchange or PMPs; some of these companies include ShareThrough, Teads and Yieldmo, amongst others.

Here are a few (of many) reasons why native advertising should be a part of any client’s omni-channel marketing strategy:


Seamless integration into content

Native advertising conforms to the look and feel of a publisher’s site. Traditionally, advertisements tend to float next to, above or below the article a user is reading, which makes these ads further away from what a user is doing on any given site. Native ads fit naturally into the user’s scrolling experience, whether on their desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Strong performance 

Because native advertising provides a non-intrusive scrolling experience, native sits primarily toward the lower, or conversion portion of the funnel.  This is due to its seamless integration into publisher’s content, where users are more likely to engage with or click on these ads. With a strong call-to-action and to-the-point messaging, those already engaged with your client’s brand will be more inclined to complete the intended action.

Ease of execution/creation

Doubling down on native advertising is the ease with which to create standard native units. If your client is already running social assets, those assets can be repurposed into native formats within your client’s preferred DSP. There’s no need for your client’s creative team to create a new set of creative assets, as copy and image requirements are much the same; you can even preview how your native format will look via various tools such as Yieldmo’s creative Adbuilder.

Native advertising is quick to create, seamless to the user experience and a great way to keep users interested in your client’s brand.  Clients should use this type of advertising when retargeting users who have previously engaged with their brand, specifically to move them to complete the intended action. With straightforward messaging, native ads can capture users’ attention.


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