The Value of Programmatic Advertising

August 3, 2022by Martin Skotnicki

Did you know that the average US adult spends 8 hours a day with Digital Media?  An even more revealing stat is that 82% of that time is spent on the open internet.  If your media strategy is dedicated to the 18% (Search and Social) then you may want to consider diversification into programmatic!


The power of programmatic lies in choice and scale.  Programmatic gives advertisers the choice to engage with consumers across multiple mediums: CTV, Display, Online Video, Audio, Mobile, Native, even Digital Out of Home.  This diversity of channels allows advertisers to be seen and heard in the right place, at the right time, by the right audience.  The impact of programmatic in driving business results is the application of data to ensure your audience is properly engaged in an omni-channel fashion. This gives your brand the power to influence consumers at different points along the path to purchase.


The reach and scale of programmatic across the open web gives advertisers massive opportunity to engage with your target audience.  To put it into perspective, Facebook reaches an audience of 2.31 billion per day and YouTube reaches an audience of 1 billion per day with their advertisements.  However, The Trade Desk, reaches over 4 billion potential consumers per day.


Programmatic is today’s answer to reaching your audience at scale.  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s discuss your digital marketing objectives and bring efficient and transparent media buying to your team.  Connect with Ventura Today.