Why Direct Access Matters

Direct access gives a buyer the right tools to activate digital campaigns that meet their business needs.  Find out why.


“Half the the money I spend on Advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half” – John Wannamaker


The complexity and lack of transparency in the programmatic ad buying ecosystem makes it hard to understand what you are buying, how much you are paying for it and most importantly pinpoint what is working and what’s not, hence the need for direct access to the world’s most advanced buying platforms.


Why is direct access not the norm?

Let’s take a look back at programmatic’s history and the buying landscape. Historically the way to achieve scale with your digital buys was to work with ad networks. Ad networks were value added sellers that aggregated inventory from the open web and applied data to enable better targeting. Business with ad networks was often conducted on a managed service through an IO and advertisers were not privy to campaign set up. The ecosystem was complex and an advertiser could not achieve scale without these partners. 

Today’s brands and agencies are sophisticated buyers, yet relics of the past still loom in their buying methods. Barriers to entry and the lack of support have barred small- and medium-sized independent agencies and brands from gaining direct access to the best in class digital advertising platforms. They have been relegated to sub-standard technology which doesn’t have the connections to the best inventory, data, brand safety, measurement or for that matter, activation tools. This has led to obfuscation of fees and performance. 


What to look for

When a brand or agency is evaluating their media partners, it’s important to ask the direct questions about direct access into the world’s leading advertising platforms. Only with direct access will you achieve objectivity and full transparency into fees, inventory, optimization practices, fraud mitigation and measurement. When advertisers better understand how their dollars flow it becomes easier to understand what’s working and what’s not. If Mr. Wannamaker lived in today’s world of digital advertising and had direct access to the world’s most advanced platforms he would be better equipped to solve his problem. 

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