2023 Resolution: Programmatic Consolidation

January 3, 2023by Martin Skotnicki

Consolidation… It’s a term often thrown around in programmatic, yet few marketers have really put this into practice. Oftentimes we find partners activating retargeting in one DSP, prospecting in another and CTV in a third.  We see how this tactic could have made sense 5-6 years ago when DSPs had features to specifically handle different parts of the marketing funnel.  

Now consider this, it’s 2023 and time to consolidate on one platform for the following reasons:

  1. Consumer Experience: 71% of consumers say they prefer to receive tailored ad experiences.  This is only possible if your various tactics are speaking to one another, on one platform.
  2. Make Your Traders Happy: Save time by setting up campaigns on one platform. Better yet, apply optimizations simultaneously across multiple channels, another time saving tactic.
  3. Manage Frequency & Save $$: By consolidating cross-channel efforts (CTV, Audio, Display, Native, OLV, Mobile, DOOH) on one platform you can manage frequency seamlessly across the marketing funnel.  You are increasing reach and cost efficiencies through holistic frequency management. Not only are you saving valuable marketing dollars, but you are also maintaining the right exposure and thus building brand equity with your audience.
  4. Reporting: Gain insight into your path-to-conversion by pulling reporting with one holistic view into your programmatic activation. Compare channel and inventory performance apples-to-apples using the same conversion metrics. Not to be overlooked, ease of use by working in one reporting interface.
  5. Control: Full control over campaign setup, exposure/frequency, pacing, reach, and reporting in real time.
  6. Targeting: Cross-device as well as cross-channel allows you to find the right person and adjust your bid to reflect the value of every impression. 

Ultimately, activating on one platform, such as The Trade Desk, delivers efficiencies, eliminates overlap and makes optimization easier.  Heck, did we mention consolidation makes both your traders, brands and even consumers happy!  Reach out to the Ventura Team to discuss consolidation strategies today or any other programmatic topics on your mind.  We look forward to hearing from you.