Here’s Where Marketing Platforms Fall Flat on Measuring Attribution

December 27, 2023by David Wroten

Most marketing platforms are able to measure their own direct and indirect impacts on your business level goals. Where these platforms fall flat is in their ability to show their effects in context with your other marketing platforms. 

For example, let’s say for a given online order the user was touched by a paid social campaign, received a video ad on their CTV device, and then arrived at the website through paid search. You’ll see the following:

  • All three platforms will claim the conversion attribution.
  • Website analytics will show that Paid Search alone got the conversion, as it was the direct traffic source.

Both of the above sources of truth don’t tell the whole story. Reasonably, each platform should get 1/3rd-ish of credit. Unfortunately, because they don’t communicate with one another they will each claim full credit. Website analytics isn’t showing the full picture either, as it’s ignoring a significant portion of the conversion funnel in only counting last click attribution.  

Enter Multi-Touch Attribution:

Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) solutions are a critical tool for helping to right size your marketing efforts, and contextualize the performance each of your paid and organic platforms are driving. They accomplish this by ingesting data from ad platforms and organic sources to help build a more full picture of which platforms touched which users to more appropriately assign credit. 

Using MTA solutions, a media buyer is able to see the most efficient paths to conversion, understand which platforms/tactics are driving the most traction among their target users, and make decisions relating to budget allocations. 

At Ventura Growth, we have a strong relationship with Rockerbox, a leading MTA solution provider. Programmatic media can be harder than other digital media to contextualize performance for, as post-impression conversion attribution is critical for non-clickable tactics like CTV and Audio. Rockerbox ingests both impression and click level data from The Trade Desk and is able to help right size your media buys across all your digital channels. 

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