Boost Your CTV Strategy Using These Two Reports

December 27, 2023by Michael Bellitte

At Ventura Growth, we are seeing firsthand how a maturing CTV marketplace is leading to increased transparency and targeting capabilities within the CTV ecosystem. As one of The Trade Desk’s Certified Service Partners, we have access to two new reports for granular CTV analysis; the TV Quality Index (TVQI) and Content Signal reports

Here’s how these reports can help you to strategically optimize your CTV campaigns:

TV Quality Index (TVQI) Report:

The TVQI report is available to media buyers who will benefit from analyzing and optimizing toward higher-quality CTV viewing experiences. By looking at various factors that include Content Quality, Addressability, Playback Type and Duration, a TVQI score ranging from 1-100 is determined. The higher the TVQI score the more premium the experience was for that viewer. Applying a specific TVQI score threshold for targeting can be accomplished during campaign setup.

Content Signals Report:

The Trade Desk’s Content Signals Report is available for media buyers who will benefit from analyzing and optimizing toward specific types of CTV content. This report allows you to view data and optimize for genre, length, livestream, rating, and production quality.

In addition, the Content Signals report may provide data points including: series, season, episode, title, network, and channel. Analyzing and optimizing off this information can help improve contextual relevance, yield stronger performance, and grow incremental reach. 

If you are interested in learning more about how the TVQI and the Content Signals reports can bring your CTV strategy to the next level, reach out to us and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for all things programmatic.