Start Optimizing Towards True Offline Marketing Goals

December 27, 2023by David Wroten

Many digital marketers are able to track the success of their efforts through website or application actions such as form fills or purchases, but some marketers have business level goals that live outside of their website or application environments: In-Store Sales, customer arrivals, or event attendees. The lack of conventional conversion tracking for these businesses can leave them optimizing towards marketing goals such as click-through rates and video completion rates instead of their true goals. 

Thanks to Ventura Growth’s partnership with The Trade Desk, our clients are able to tap into The Trade Desk’s vast network of non-website/application measurement partners to measure the following:

  • Retail sales through customer loyalty program data across a wide variety of stores.
  • Brand Lift Studies measuring awareness, recall, and consideration.
  • Geo-conversions/Visitation through providers such as PlaceIQ, FourSquare, and AdSquare.

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