Supporting a Clean and Transparent Programmatic Ecosystem

December 27, 2023by Michael Bellitte

Ventura Growth is proud to promote The Trade Desk’s extensive efforts in developing a clean and transparent programmatic marketplace. While there is no single solution that prevents all ad fraud, The Trade Desk implements a multi-tiered approach. Below is a brief overview of the most impactful measures taken to ensure inventory quality and brand safety.

Fraud Prevention with HUMAN

Inventory is scanned before purchase by anti-fraud vendor HUMAN; a top tier cyber security company. Fraudulent inventory is automatically excluded in real-time.

Platform-Wide Site Exclusion List

Websites on the Site Exclusion List are blocked across the entire platform. All supply partners are required to filter out traffic based on basic categories including but not limited to: adult content, hate speech and copyrighted material.

Restricted Domain Classes

Domain Classes are categories of non-standard sites and apps. Restricted Domain Classes on TTD include ad arbitrage, controversial political content, rewarded traffic, provocative content and desktop apps.

Dedicated Marketplace Quality Team

The Marketplace Quality Team team focuses on working with SSPs & publishers to validate that transparency standards are being implemented. They also investigate and block suspicious supply sources.

Developing and Enforcing New Industry Standards

TTD promotes and has adopted the following industry standards:

  • Ads.txt: All inventory that is not “ads.txt-authorized” by the publisher is blocked
  • Json: Only buy from sellers who are transparently documented on sellers.jsonfiles
  • Schain: All inventory with an incomplete schain is blocked

Opt-in Pre-bid Solutions via Industry Partners

For even more protection, media buyers can implement a wide array of pre-bid solutions from well known third party vendors. Pre-bid solutions include: Brand Safety, Fraud and Invalid Traffic Avoidance, Page Quality, Suspicious Activity Protection and Viewability

Programmatic advertising has become a much safer environment because of the development and enforcement of these safeguards. That said, the fight continues on. Bad actors will continue to search for ways to exploit our industry. If you would like to learn more about how The Trade Desk is leading the way in combating fraud and ensuring marketplace quality, reach out to us and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for all things programmatic.