The Future Looks Bright: Recapping Peak Week in Beautiful Colorado

October 26, 2023by Gina Botti

It’s been a couple weeks since Ventura Growth’s Inaugural Peak Week officially wrapped up and we’re still feeling energized! You might be asking, “What is Ventura Peak Week?” 

Let’s break it down for you. This event is set to become an annual tradition, bringing together our esteemed partners to our home, Colorful Colorado. Over the course of two days, insightful conversations were fueled around programmatic education, best practices, business growth, and, most importantly, having a ton of fun. Here are some of the top takeaways from Peak Week: 

Always Be True to Your Values

To kick off, Icelantic Skis set the stage for our sessions with their authentic success story. They thrived by embracing core values like community, authenticity, family, innovation, and resilience, without a structured playbook or roadmap.

Their journey, from a small brand to industry recognition, echoes our commitment at Ventura. Like Icelantic Skis, we grasp the challenges of elevating smaller brands to rival industry giants. Our mission is to level the advertising playing field for independent agencies and brand marketers, granting them direct access to The Trade Desk.

Embrace New Channels

From earlier discussions, we recognized a shared challenge among our partners: persuading their clients to explore channels beyond search, social, and display. As a result, we helped develop talk tracks to debunk programmatic myths and revealing its versatility across channels. The Trade Desk is a true omni-channel platform for the open web allowing brands to activate across Native, Mobile, Audio, DOOH, Display and CTV from premium publishers.

Matt Fogarty led a session centered around the ever evolving CTV landscape. Key learnings were:

  • Unique reach of linear is on the decline, meanwhile the opportunity to reach users on premium inventory via CTV is on the rise.
  • Overlap across streaming devices and accounting for frequency by household can be solved by buying through one platform, TTD. 
  • Top 10 CTV spenders saved an average of 38% due to holistic frequency control. As a result, they were able to increase household reach by 22%.


Learn From The Successes of Your Peers

In the “Fireside chat” with Situation Interactive and our President, Marty Skotnicki, focused on the critical role of data (with 1P data as the cornerstone), data analysis, process refinement, and leveraging the powerful capabilities of The Trade Desk platform. Ventura being de facto an extension of their Situation’s team helped with a seamless transition to The Trade Desk resulting in increased transparency, improved performance, and attracting new clients. We’re very proud of the significant growth our amazing partners at Situation have achieved and look forward to their continued success!


Visualizing Data and Effective Storytelling 

In our data session, hosted by our VP of Data and Operations, Josh Pauletic, we dove into the common theme, managing vast data quantities and transforming data into storytelling. To aid this, we introduced our proprietary data visualization tool, VISTA, powered by Datorama, as an added value for our clients. VISTA empowers clients to tell compelling stories of performance from campaigns running on The Trade Desk.


Working Training Sessions Add Value

We held break out working sessions by department, focussing on Traders and Business Development. The Traders dove into topics of Digital out of Home (DOOH), Omni-Channel Forecasting and Reporting capabilities in The Trade Desk. The Path to Conversion Reporting tool from The Trade Desk was showcased as it provides insights into the holistic impact of all channels on core objectives, shedding light on how upper-funnel channels, including CTV, Audio and DOOH, influence lower-funnel behaviors.


The Future Looks Bright

When we dreamed up Peak Week, our goal was to foster an environment where our partners could discuss and generate fresh ideas. As a result, we created an exclusive space where we came together without competition (unless you count our bocce tournament). Whether our partners hail from Sioux Falls, Baton Rouge, New York City or here in Denver, Peak Week gave us the opportunity to share common business challenges and work together to inspire innovative solutions on The Trade Desk. Our hope is to continue this intimate experience and to make Peak Week an annual tradition. Cheers to continued growth and future success!