What to Expect Out of The Ventura Growth Hiring Process

October 27, 2023by Emma Bindbeutel

Being hired at a growing startup is a unique opportunity. You get to be one of the first people to grow a role, know every team member, and be part of developing the company’s foundation. It truly can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your career. As a growing startup ourselves, we want all candidates to be prepared and understand what to expect out of our hiring process.  Here’s how we’ve designed our interview process for future hires. 


Overview of Our Interview Process

We always want to hire hungry and driven team members. Any startup would have that response, and there is a reason why. Startups are hard work. The road has yet to be paved, and you must be very curious and excited to have a front-row seat in growing a company. 

You will see the wins and be part of multiple problem-solving discussions on how to grow every aspect of the company. The people we hire quickly make an impact and hopefully bring new skills we currently don’t have to help diversify our team. 

But how do you interview at a startup, and specifically, how can you join the Ventura Growth team? 


Understand Our Commitment

First and foremost, we care deeply about the culture we are building. That’s why every employee is part of our interview training and planning process. When we kick off a new position on our careers page, we form a hiring team and make sure everyone is on the same page for what skills we are looking for and what impact this role will have. It is truly a team decision, and then interview notes are shared and discussed across the team at each step of the process.

As an interview team, we commit to being prepared for our candidates and making sure we learn as much about the candidates as they learn about our team and company. The interview team will meet frequently to make sure we are aligned on the questions we are asking candidates and making sure we continue to keep the candidates moving forward in the process. We want you to have fun meeting with our team and have a chance to ask as many questions to us as we ask you. 


Focus On The Interview Pillars

Each hiring team member is given one of our five interview pillars to plan their interview questions around:

  • Communication
  • Resilience 
  • Drive
  • Partnership 
  • Good Intentions 

Our pillars help us to avoid asking any candidate the same questions over and over and help us make sure we get a good pulse on the candidate and not just what is listed on their resume. Anyone can ask basic interview questions, but we want to ensure our process is more of a conversation and that our candidates have opportunities to share their successes and what they can bring to our team. 


Be Your Authentic and Curious Self

While the interview team may differ slightly for different roles or departments, the same process applies for each position. We want to ensure that you meet the people you will be working with daily and have the chance to meet with our founders, so be prepared to show us who you are and why you’ll add value to your team.

You can expect to meet with at least four team members if you continue to move forward in our interview process, and we hope that at each step of the process, you learn something new about the company and why each member of the hiring team chooses to work at Ventura Growth. 

We want our candidates to be themselves and be excited about our work. Our team members have previous working experience from other startups, agencies, and larger enterprise companies. We want to diversify our team’s working backgrounds and bring forward the best practices and solutions from their experience. Therefore, have confidence in your experience and help us understand how you will make an impact at our growing startup. 


Closing Thoughts on the Ventura Growth Interview Process

Whatever the role you are interested in, we hope you will express your eagerness and true interest in why you see Ventura Growth as your next working endeavor. We encourage you to share how skills will continue to grow the team and continue to help make Ventura Growth one of the best places to work! 

Interested in working at Ventura Growth? Please follow us on our LinkedIn page for job opportunities or send us an email to jobs@venturagrowth.com.