The Power of Audio Advertising

February 28, 2023by Michael Bellitte

According to the Wall Street Journal, “[In 2021] Advertising on digital audio-podcasts and streamed music and radio-grew faster than any other category, up 58% to reach $4.9 billion”. So you may be asking yourself what’s the benefit of audio advertising and how does it work? Let’s get into it!

Audio advertising empowers marketers to build on existing branding and awareness campaigns to target valuable prospective customers. Perfect for brands that need to reach large audiences, audio advertising lets you plug in your message into steaming music, news, and podcasts. With programmatic audio you will deliver a relevant ad experience that incorporates your brand into your prospects’ everyday lives. 

Functionally, the targeting capabilities of audio are vast. You can target audio ads to specific audiences, geos, devices and time slots across hand selected premium inventory. Plus, there’s the capability to retarget people who have listened to your ad with sequential messaging via audio or other channels such as Display. You can even apply cross-device targeting and attribution to understand if users heard your ad and then took a desired action such as a website visit or an online purchase.

Reporting can be used in a number of impactful ways. Start by validating targeting criteria and determining Completion Rates and/or Cost Per Completion. Then take it a step further by analyzing how audio ads are influencing your entire branding efforts across various channels.

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