The Power of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Advertising

March 8, 2023by Michael Bellitte

According to eMarketer, in 2022 US DOOH advertising reached ~$2.64B and accounted for 33% of all OOH spend. In 2023 and 2024 programmatic DOOH is expected to grow exponentially. So you may be wondering what’s the benefit of DOOH advertising and how does it work? Let’s get into it!

Perfect for brands who want to reach their audiences wherever they are, DOOH advertising helps brands reach audiences in public environments including digital billboards, outdoor screens, or on a network of screens. DOOH offers the benefits of OOH with more control over targeting, measurement, and attribution. Plus, you can incorporate it into your omnichannel strategy and tie your campaigns to real business results.

Functionally, the targeting capabilities of DOOH are vast. You can deliver DOOH ads to specific types of screens including but not limited to: roadside billboards, kiosks, subway stations, and gyms. Additionally, you can apply campaign parameters such as geo-location, time of day and weather/temperature targeting. Perhaps the most impressive targeting capability is being able to apply audience targeting via Look-a-Like modeling off of 1st- or 3rd- party data.

A huge difference between running traditional OOH and programmatic DOOH is that programmatic DOOH allows you to attribute online and offline conversions. That means you’ll be able to know with a high degree of probability that someone saw your brand’s DOOH ad and then completed a desired action such as visiting a website, making a purchase, or physically going to a brick and mortar location. 

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