Determining Which Service Model Best Suits Your Business Needs

December 27, 2023by Ventura Growth

Congratulations! You’ve decided to partner up with Ventura Growth for your programmatic advertising endeavors. The only question that remains is which type of service model best suits the needs of your business?

Let’s take a look at the different types of service models that Ventura Growth provides so you can identify the right one.


Ventura Growth specializes in enabling agencies and brands to run programmatic advertising in a self-serve capacity. Our goal is to teach clients how to effectively utilize The Trade Desk to generate business outcomes

Ideal For: Agencies and Brands that desire to bring programmatic buying in-house and have the dedicated resources to do so.

Benefits include:

  • Lower contract costs!
  • Scale your business to the extent you choose.
  • Launch, pause, and optimize campaigns in real-time.
  • Dedicated team of Sales, Account Management and Trading professionals.
  • Customized learning curriculum that will enable your team to be proficient in strategic planning, launching campaigns, making optimizations, and reporting.


Managed Service

Ventura Growth offers managed-services at an additional cost for those that want to outsource their programmatic needs to a group of industry veterans.

Ideal For: Agencies and brands that want to utilize The Trade Desk, but don’t have the resources to take programmatic in-house.

Benefits Include:

  • Less time and manpower needed to get into the programmatic marketplace.
  • Dedicated team of Sales, Account Management and Trading professionals.
  • Rely on your Ventura Growth team to drive business outcomes.

No matter which option is a better fit for your business Ventura Growth has you covered. Reach out to us for more information and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for all things programmatic.