Unlocking Data Excellence: Navigating The Trade Desk + Snowflake Collaboration

June 13, 2024by Ventura Growth0
Welcome to the concluding post of our “Scaling New Peaks in Programmatic: Basecamp 2024” series, spotlighting the transformative The Trade Desk + Snowflake collaboration. Here, we explore how this transformative partnership sets new standards in data-driven advertising.  

Snowflake: A Leader in Data Solutions

Snowflake is a leading data cloud platform designed to enable secure data sharing and collaboration. Renowned for its flexibility and scalability, Snowflake provides a unified environment for data warehousing, analytics, and application development. The platform’s unique architecture empowers brands to seamlessly collect, store, and analyze vast amounts of structured and semi-structured data.

The Trade Desk + Snowflake: A New Era in Data Activation

The partnership between The Trade Desk and Snowflake brings together best-in-class programmatic advertising with advanced data warehousing capabilities. This collaboration allows brands to activate, measure, and optimize their campaigns using first-party data like never before.

Why the The Trade Desk + Snowflake Collaboration is a Game-Changer:

  1. Unified Identity Solution:
    • UID 2.0 Mapping: Seamlessly map device IDs to Unified ID 2.0 (UID 2.0), an industry-wide, open-source identity framework designed for the cookieless future.
    • Cross-Device Graph: Enhance audience targeting precision with access to The Trade Desk’s sophisticated cross-device graph.
  2. Seamless Data Activation:
    • Snowflake Connector: Implement first-party data activation directly on The Trade Desk platform using pre-built tables and scripts, simplifying the data flow without the need for extensive technical resources.
    • Customizable Audience Building: Easily update and share audience segments using Snowflake’s dynamic tables.
  3. Comprehensive Measurement:
    • Exposure Feeds (REDS): Log-level data provides end-to-end insights into audience behavior and conversions.
    • Originating ID Feature: Helps advertisers track original user IDs and map them back to their first-party data.
  4. Advanced Offline Conversion Tracking:
    • Conversions API: A native Snowflake app simplifies offline conversion tracking by allowing advertisers to plug in their TTD credentials, choose fields, and schedule daily data pushes.

The Power of Data Collaboration

The Trade Desk + Snowflake partnership represents a significant leap forward in data-driven advertising. By combining Snowflake’s data cloud platform with The Trade Desk’s programmatic expertise, brands can achieve a seamless, privacy-forward data activation and measurement strategy. This powerful collaboration empowers marketers to refine their audience strategies, streamline data workflows, and measure campaign performance accurately.



With Basecamp 2024, Ventura Growth and The Trade Desk brought together thought leaders to explore the strategies and tools defining the future of data-driven advertising. If you missed any of our insights, catch up on the full blog series:
Stay tuned for more insights and updates from Ventura Growth as we continue to help brands navigate the evolving landscape of data-driven advertising.
Engage with Us: Have questions or thoughts about integrating your data solutions with The Trade Desk and Snowflake? Reach out to our team for personalized guidance and solutions.

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